21 Jun 2016

Angus Council joins Scottish Wide Area Network

SWAN announces that Angus Council has joined the Scottish Wide Area Network, a single public services network for the use of all public service organisations within Scotland. SWAN is being delivered through a framework contract with Capita IT Enterprise Services.

Angus Council joins Scottish Wide Area Network
Since the contract was signed in February 2014, over 3750 sites and nearly 4000 circuits have been connected, a core network and operations centre has been constructed. The team has also received Public Service Network accreditation and has achieved ISO27001, recognising international information security best practice.

Angus Council comprises in excess of 60 educational and corporate establishments, delivering services to 108,000 residents. The SWAN service being delivered comprises some 63 circuits utilising bandwidths up to 1 Gb/sec.

Angus Council is the latest public sector body to join SWAN, and it joins more than 50 other organisations that are benefiting from infrastructure and service sharing, which is lowering costs and improving connectivity across the whole public sector in Scotland. 

Mark Armstrong, strategic director of resources at Angus Council said:

“Joining SWAN is a significant step for the council. The new network will lead to a greater level of collaboration and sharing across the public sector and Angus will benefit from that functionally in terms of its ambition to be a digital council by 2020”.

Eddie Cronie, managing director of SWAN said:

“The addition of Angus Council to the Scottish Wide Area Network shows that SWAN has become a crucial part of Scotland’s national IT infrastructure. For Angus Council, the benefits of SWAN’s economies of scale means that staff will have access to faster, better networking at a reduced cost.”

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