09 Mar 2016

A national framework agreement with CityFibre

The deal with CityFibre sets out commercial terms under which Updata can access CityFibre’s existing national network infrastructure to deliver cutting edge, scalable and competitively priced services to the public and private sectors.

With 36 major network footprints across the country, and a financed plan to reach a total of 50 cities by 2020, CityFibre’s national reach provides Updata with a flexible, powerful and future-proof alternative to incumbent networks. CityFibre’s pure fibre networks will be used as a platform for Updata’s growing ranks of public sector and enterprise customers as well as providing the company with an option to migrate existing customers where commercially preferable or technically essential.

Commenting on the deal, CityFibre’s Commercial Director Rob Hamlin said: “A framework agreement with Updata, the UK’s leading provider of public sector services and part of the wider Capita Group, cements CityFibre’s position as a key supplier to the sector. As an emerging national alternative to Openreach, our networks provide Updata with a superior platform over which they can continue to innovate and grow. We look forward to announcing a succession of joint projects in the coming year.”

Bruce Strang, Managing Director, Updata added: “We look forward to working together with CityFibre to offer reliable and flexible, high standard network services to our clients, and to further strengthen our position as the UK’s leading networks integrator. Our clients’ demands are constantly growing and it is important that we can meet them by leveraging the best possible network infrastructure available in the UK.”

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