13 Sep 2017

Updata announces HSCN pricing

Indicative pricing for the new HSCN is now available through Updata...

Updata announces HSCN pricing
The Health and Social Care Network (HSCN) is replacing the existing NHS National Network (N3) and is designed to meet the requirements of an integrated and evolving health and social care sector.

HSCN connectivity suppliers must be HSCN compliant in order to offer network connectivity services. The HSCN compliance process has three stages - Updata has successfully passed Stage 1 compliance and is working towards Stage 2*, which involves the deployment and commencement of pilot site testing.

However, we are now in a position where we can provide indicative pricing to NHS agencies, allowing organisations to plan their connectivity budgets. Any pricing will remain as indicative until full Stage 2* compliance is awarded by NHS Digital.

The Updata HSCN service will provide connectivity between NHS bodies and access to legacy N3 applications, and also act as a gateway for access to additional Updata services including resilient Internet connectivity and Cloud Services, such as Amazon Web Services and Azure ExpressRoute, and the full range of hosted services e.g. Voice and WiFi.

For HSCN pricing information or general enquiries call 01737 827069 or email

* Stage 2 (pre-live) assures a supplier meets NHS Digital obligations and connects its core infrastructure to the Peering exchange, before they can begin to provide services to NHS consumers.

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