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Next Generation Connectivity for the NHS

The vision for the future of the NHS, as set out by the Department of Health, is clearly one that is committed to patient-centric care delivered through flexible, engaging and integrated services. 

Technology, in particular healthcare network connectivity, is one area that will be undergoing significant transformation to achieve this long term vision, as well as helping to drive efficiency and reduce waste. 

With next year's termination of the current single-supplier network contract, N3 (NHS National Network), it is time to consider the need for reform, exploring how new solutions to network connectivity will impact health and social care services and how these changes should be prepared for. 

The proposed new Health and Social Care Network (HSCN), aims to deliver greater integration between healthcare services and reduce the reliance on central infrastructure. Our Next Generation Connectivity for the NHS white paper examines the challenges that the NHS and suppliers will face delivering this new network and the opportunities arising from the future connectivity. 

The white paper also features the only existing example of a successful transition away from an N3 service at scale, delivered by Updata, the Scottish Wide Area Network (SWAN).

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