Flexibility and Scalability for Blue Light

Today’s Fire and Rescue Services (FRS) organisations face many challenges. Collaboration, through connecting control rooms, and network flexibility to support the wider business needs of the FRS, are critical elements in maximising asset utilisation. The Updata network removes any single-point of failure, ensuring greater resilience for critical systems and the ability to work together to dynamically mobilise resources with other FRS organisations.

When we talk of robust networks we focus on people, process and technology as well as the outcomes and the difference we can make across your organisation. Connectivity+ is a fully managed virtual Wide Area Network (WAN) service, which provides businesses with a seamless and extensible connectivity solution between their geographically dispersed sites. The fully managed WAN service enables businesses to remove much of the engineering complexity of in-house solution and achieve operational efficiencies and ultimately achieve cost savings.

Updata are also accredited to provide a fully managed PSN Encryption Overlay service that is suitable for all Public Sector organisations.

The Encryption Overlay services is a layered solution which sits on top of an ‘ASSURED’ PSN WAN, and uplifts it to a ‘PROTECTED’ network service that transparently encrypts and protects all transmitted data. The Updata Encryption Overlay service enables customers to access ‘ASSURED’ and ‘PROTECTED’ PSN compliant network services, which are designed and optimised to meet the strict information assurance requirements of UK public sector organisations. 


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The East Coast & Hertfordshire Control Room Consortium

ECHCRC - Enabling collaboration between four Fire and Rescue entities.
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