Updata Applications Suite Overview

With over 12% of Schools in England, Scotland and Wales on the network, Updata provide a range of applications focused on the education market. These include the access to email and collaboration platforms and Microsoft Office 365. Included is the integrated single sign on tools to auto provision user accounts into Office 365 from Schools administration platforms.We already have over 70,000 Office 365 mailboxes migrated and integrated through the Updata network.

Web Hosting is a centrally hosted service for customers offering dedicated web servers and storage space. Integrated into the Updata Domain Name Service (DNS) and Internet Service Provider service (ISP), users are provided with a virtual web server and full access.



Integrated applications with schools administration systems using active directo...ry federation.



Updata can migrate users into Office 365 taking their mailbox settings and conte...nt.



Schools websites hosted in Updata network with secure internet connectivity.

Case Studies

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