Encryption Overlay

Many Public Sector organisations handle sensitive data which needs to be protected. Updata are accredited to provide a fully managed PSN Encryption Overlay service that is suitable for all Public Sector organisations including Central Government, Local Authorities, UK Polices Forces and the Healthcare sector.


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The Encryption Overlay services is a layered solution which sits on top of an ‘ASSURED’ PSN Wide Area Network (WAN), and uplifts it to a ‘PROTECTED’ network service that transparently encrypts and protects all transmitted data.

The Updata Encryption Overlay service enables customers to access ‘ASSURED’ and ‘PROTECTED’ PSN compliant network services, which are designed and optimised to meet the strict information assurance requirements of UK public sector organisations. This service utilises IPsec encryption to provide a strong guarantee of confidentiality for customers who areconcerned about their data being intercepted.

Why include an Encryption Overlay on your network?
  • Your organisation needs to exchange sensitive data across networks which requires additional security protection
  • There is a requirement to share information with other PSN Accredited organisations
  • The organisation needs to meet the pressures of being compliant
  • Organisations want to simplify procurement and project management overheads via access to a preapproved compliant managed service


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